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Discover New Wines One Month At A Time

Taking the guesswork out of anything always feels like an accomplishment, but it does come with one potentially dangerous side effect: can you trust the person who is now doing the guesswork for you? You can if you have a professional doing it for you. What works for home repair and car buying wo

Wine Of The Month Clubs Are Not Just For Beginners

Most people tend to look at wine of the month clubs as they would other monthly membership clubs. They serve as a great introduction into a particular world - think book of the month clubs, that tend to offer general categories to appeal to the most people - but not something that is practical fo

How The Spanish Helped Make California Chardonnay A Possibility

Every wine making region in the world - which is basically every part of the world except Antarctica - typically has one or two styles of wine that they are known for. In some cases, they may produce a dozen or more other varietals as well, while other places are perfectly suited for their one s

Lingual Braces: What You Need To Know

Unlike in the past, today not all types of dental braces are placed on the front side of the teeth. We now have special braces that work as well, but from behind the teeth referred to as lingual braces, also appropriately known as incognito braces. Since they're bonded behind your teeth, no one w

Giving The Gift Of Wine Every Month

There is always going to be a reason for giving someone a gift. Birthdays come every year (naturally) and there are promotions, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations that we want to commemorate by giving the person of honor a special gift. Problem is, it can get to be pretty challenging

The Benefits Of Using Clear Braces

In your lifetime, you have probably met more than one person using dental braces. Researchers are convinced that grownups feel comfortable with dental care later in their lives thanks to emerging and ground-breaking changes in the field of dental braces. The American Association of Orthodontists

Making Wine An Everyday Occasion

Wine is certainly the preferred beverage of choice when it comes to celebrating big occasions. It is what people drink on holidays, it is what they toast with for the first kiss of a married couple or the last seconds as the old year passes away and it is what is shared when old friends visit and

Big Wines Come From Little Wine Makers

Most people are hesitant to try something new that they know little, if anything, about. This can be especially true when it comes to wine. A bad experience in the past ordering a varietal they have never tasted or buying a bottle that was one sale will make them less likely to be adventurous in

Completing Your Wine Cellar With Wine Of The Month Clubs

Wine of the month clubs get a bad rap simply through guilt by association. Many people think of any monthly club as having the connotation of a discounted product of inferior quality, like a book of the month club trying to unload titles that did not sell through conventional means. Those people

Asian Noodles... Different Strokes for Different Folks

Asian noodles have taken a lot of people in Los Angeles City by storm. Nowadays, you can easily find soba, udon, ramen, or any other kind of Asian noodle from nearest Asian grocery store. Similar to how pasta are cooked, Asian noodles are generally cooked in a boiling water with a little bit of s

Big Wines Come In Small Packages

When you go to your local wine store, one of the reasons it may look intimidating is that all the bottles look almost exactly the same. There are primarily two different styles of bottles; one with a tapered neck that is favored by white wine makers, and a fuller looking bottle that is used predo

Learning About Wine One Month At A Time

It's pretty easy to buy soda because there are really only a few categories: cola, lemon-lime, fruit, and whatever category Dr. Pepper and its ilk fit into. Wine is not nearly that easy. Even a small wine store or display at a grocery store will probably offer fifty or more different bottles to c

Wine Clubs Bring The World To Your Door

Everyone has that one vacation they have always wanted to go on; the "put it on the bucket list and hope I win the lottery" trip that has fascinated them their whole life. For people who love wine, that vacation may be through the Loire Valley of France, or a trip to experience the wines and wine

The Joys Of Rediscovering Your Local Wine Store

Everybody likes to tell stories about how big-box stores and shopping malls have led to the decline of mom and pop stores and specialty shops. Unfortunately, this has been true in far too many cases. However, there is still a small part of the market place that, even with ever-loosening restricti

Creating a Complete Wine Collection

Regionalisms abound in every aspect of American consumerism. What people in one part of the country call a grinder, somewhere else they call it a hoagie, and other places a sub. Wine is no different. As the popularity of wine continues to grow in America - not just drinking it but making it, with
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